OUT STAR INITIATIVE is a community based initiative based in Busia that advances the sexual health rights of the transgender community. As a transgender led initiative, we work to reduce the stigma and discrimination that alienates us by creating awareness about transgender issues. In particular, Out Star focuses on advocating for our rights to access health care including STIs and HIV/AIDS related care and treatment.

OUT STAR INITIATIVE was originally established in 2014 when members who were affected with HIV/AIDS realized the majority of their friends and colleagues were succumbing to the epidemic. In September 2016, OUT STAR was officially registered under the ministry of labour social services and security.


To promote health and human rights of Transgender persons, including those with disability and persons living positively with HIV by creating spaces for dialogue about topics including human on human rights, policies, and advocacy with different stakeholders and government institutions.


We envision an empowered transgender community and a stigma free society that respects, upholds, and fulfills the health and human rights of transgender persons.


Members must be transgender individuals based in Busia.

Thematic Areas

  • Human rights Advocacy
  • Health Awareness
  • Security
  • Economic Empowerment


  1. To increase knowledge of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) as a human right. Become empowered to claim their SRHR and Human Rights. Become active in advocating for SRHR and Human Rights
  2. Increase access to relevant health services for all Transgender persons
  3. Give Transgender persons in Busia County a space for psychosocial support, to disseminate information, and build a sense of community
  4. Engage the public and relevant stakeholders in a way that communicates the importance of acknowledging and respecting Transgender people and their rights.
  5. Strengthen OUT STAR INITIATIVE’s initiative management systems