Press: Rainbow TV Interview

During a recent interview at Rainbow TV-Kenya and facilitated by Nyanza Rift Valley and Western Kenya Network- Nyarwek, the Program Coordinator of the organization said the Organization is incapacitated to handle the members urgent basic needs due to total lack of resources and strives on partnerships and well wishers.

These included rent arrears for members who have since been evicted and are cohabiting with others, mental health therapy sessions for those on ART as they are defaulting as a result of lack of food and the economic shock waves of COVID 19. She asked well wishers to come on board and help save the situation before it got out of hand.

She also appealed for support for an office space where they could use to meet, motivate and support one another during this unprecedented period. “This could also be a safe space to store our data safely as cyber cafe has proved expensive for us who are unemployed and at the same time exposed our members to security breach through our documentation.” she added.

She also thanked Jinsiangu and TransAlliance, Kenya for having supported them earlier this year between the month of April and May 2020 with food supplies and asked for more if possible, at the same time appealed for more well wishers to come on board not only on food but rent arrears as well.

For more information, and any assistance reach them out directly or through us for linkages. Treat this as Urgent Good People and Let’s manage the ART defaulting cases when we still can.

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